Fire Flames Motorcycle Helmet Visor Sticker / SKU GRL-FIRESTICKER-HI-motorcycle helmet visor sticker-Ghost Rider Leather

Fire Flames Motorcycle Helmet Visor Sticker / SKU GRL-FIRESTICKER-HI

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Fire Flames sticker for the visor in your full face helmet.


  • Fits most regular full face visors
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Rain and water resistant
  • Protects your visor from damage
  • Easy to see out / hard to see in
  • Decorative
  • Tints visor
  • STICKER ONLY, does NOT include helmet
  • Free shipping


  • Clean and dry the surface of visor or window
  • Peel back half the backing and align the center of the sticker to the visor
  • Apply the sticky half to the visor. Slightly stretch from the center and press outwards
  • Peel off the remaining backing and finish applying the sticker
  • Use fingers to rub out or a hair dryer to shrink out any air remaining pockets


  • To clean use a damp cloth
  • To remove it, just peel it off.
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