What Are The Top Five Best Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets for 2021?

We have the answers below. We have been selling men's leather motorcycle jackets online and in real life since 2003 and my husband has been wearing them even longer than that. So, with a lot of experience, nearly two decades of customers comments, questions, suggestions and more we have put together the Top Five list of Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets just for you, our valued customers and online store visitors. So, let's get into it!

Number One. The Maverick Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket Available in Tall and Standard Lengths Up To Size 8XL.

Men's Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This is what we look for when choosing the best of the best in our leather motorcycle jackets for 2021. This one has it all. First, it is our most popular men's leather jacket for a reason or several reasons. The Maverick is full of great, sought after features. 

  • It comes in both average and tall lengths, something our big and/or tall men love. Finally a nice looking and full featured jacket that is made for most size people.
  • It has two concealed carry gun pockets, our motorcycle riders tell us this is a VERY important feature to them, especially in this day and age of rioting and increased crime.
  • The Maverick is made of premium naked leather in a good thickness of 1.1-1.2mm. Our riders tell us they like the broken in feel of this jacket.
  • The YKK zippers are a hit with our motorcycle riding men. Nothing worse than a leather jacket with a zipper that catches on everything or is hard to zip and unzip. These YKK zippers are known for their premium smooth zipping action.
  • The insulated zip out thermal liner is another big hit. Makes this jacket more versatile and able to wear in many weather conditions in comfort. Take the liner out on warmer days and keep it in on cold days.
  • Comes with armored pockets. You can choose to wear armor or not, but it's nice to have that option just in case.
  • Guys love our side relief zippers. This is because when you sit down to ride your motorcycle, we all expand a bit and sometimes our jackets may feel a bit tight or it rides up, but with these zippers, you can open it up and feel much more comfortable riding down the road.
  • Our bikers also tell us they like this style, the racer or scooter style jacket. It gives a modern look and is very flattering.
  • Multiple zipper pockets because you can never have too many pockets when riding a motorcycle since you are limited on storage.

So, again, the Maverick is our number one best selling men's leather motorcycle jacket because it's not only beautiful, it's packed full of important comfort, convenience and safety features.

Our Number Two Pick For The Best Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets is the Mastermind Jacket Available in Standard or Tall Lengths Up To Size 8XL.

Best Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket - The Mastermind


Our number two pick is another crowd favorite, the Mastermind. This is our second most popular men's leather motorcycle jackets because it is also packed with features and our riders love the fact that it goes up to size 8XL and comes in TALL length in some sizes as well.

  • Our motorcycle riders tell us that they absolutely love the two concealed carry gun pockets on this jacket.  The bullet snaps and the tapered holsters make these pockets extra secure. You cannot be too safe or too prepared these days.
  • Our customers tell us they love the updated classic motorcycle jacket look of the Mastermind, which has the pockets in the classic Pistol Pete fashion.
  • The premium drum dyed naked cowhide leather is extremely durable yet comfortable due to that broken in feel from the first day you wear it.
  • Tons of pockets are one of the best features, there are eight hidden utility pockets. Loads of pockets to carry your electronic devices, to put keys or credit cards, your wallet, money, id card and more. You will wonder how you ever lived without this many pockets.
  • The insulated zip out thermal liner is also loved on this jacket as you can wear the Mastermind in many types of weather.
  • The smooth operating YKK zippers are also important to our motorcycle riding customers. Nobody likes a zipper that is a pain in the ass and sticks and grabs onto everything it's not supposed to. No worries here with these YKK zippers.
  • The adjustable side belts adjust so when you sit on your bike, you can get a bit more room and not have your jacket ride up on you because it's a bit tight when you sit.
  • They also love the classic snap down collar and lapels on the Mastermind. Classic, yet updated, overall, it's a very good looking biker jacket.

You are going to love wearing the Mastermind leather motorcycle jacket for men. Check it out for yourself.

Our Number Three Pick of the Best Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets is this Men's Ventilated Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Side Laces. Up To Size 10XL on this one.

Men's Best Ventilated Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Side Laces

Our number three pick is this ventilated leather motorcycle jacket with gun pockets and side laces. The thick premium leather is another fan favorite feature.

  • Our customers rave over the high quality and thickness of the naked cowhide leather on this one. 1.3-1.4mm thick.
  • As nearly always, the concealed carry gun pockets with reinforced shoulder for supreme concealing of weapons is an extremely popular feature and many riders tell us they will not buy a biker jacket without gun pockets.
  • The ventilation system is an extremely popular feature on this jacket, nothing better than feeling safe in a premium quality leather jacket but when you add in the ventilation system to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days or warm nights, it just gets better.
  • This one has an interior pocket with a wire feed for your phone or other electronics. This is a great and much needed feature that our riders tell us they wish all biker jackets had.
  • Side laces are another popular feature here. Great for adjusting the waist part of your jacket for superior comfort.
  • High quality snaps and zipper hardware make this jacket hit the top ten list as well.
  • Many tell us that the padded kidney belt is a feature they wish came on more motorcycle jackets, they love it.

We think that based on our customer comments, that you will also fall in love with this ventilated leather biker jacket with side laces.

Our Number Four Pick of the Best Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the Men's Modern Longer Beltless Leather Biker Jacket. Sizes Up To 5XL.

Men's Best Leather Biker Jacket Which Is Beltless and Modern.


Our number four pick is yet another of our crowd favorites. This classic style biker jacket with updated features has been a big hit ever since we introduced it here at Ghost Rider Leather.

Motorcycle riders tell us they absolutely love the fact that this jacket does not have the half belt that most classic style motorcycle jackets have. So, nothing you have to buckle here, just zip it up and go.

As always, the concealed carry gun pockets are a must have for our safety conscious motorcycle riders. Our customers believe in and use their second amendment rights. 2A baby! Also, the reinforced shoulder support which helps to conceal your weapons is very appreciated.

The longer length on this biker jacket is also appreciated by our bikers. More coverage and no showing of any plumbers cracks!

The ventilation on this jacket is another feature they love. Being able to open up the vents on the sleeves and back along with the mesh liner gives a more comfortable air ventilated feel which makes the joy of riding even more joyful.

Reflective piping because you cannot have enough things keeping you safe and SEEN at night.

Our motorcycle riders tell us that they love this classic style with the snap down collar and lapels but love the longer length, the removal of the half belt and the overall feel of this one.

This is the perfect jacket for summertime riding but when it gets chilly out, you still have that removeable insulated liner to keep you warm!

Be sure to go check this one out. Our men's modern beltless longer length updated classic biker jacket is calling your name!

Our Number Five Pick is the Well Priced Men's Leather Cruiser Style Jacket With Concealed Carry Pockets. Up To Size 6XL.

Top Ten Men's Best Leather Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets.

Our number five pick is popular due to the lower price and the clean modern look of this leather cruiser style jacket. Our riders say they love it.

Motorcycle riders tell us they love this modern clean look on this jacket. The blacked out snaps and zippers and scooter style collar are exactly what many of our riders tell us they love the most about this jacket.

Of course as with all the above jackets, those concealed carry gun pockets and reinforced shoulders to supremely conceal their weapons is another top feature they look for when deciding on a biker jacket.

The zipper vents on this jacket help air to flow more freely keeping you feeling cooler than you do with jackets that do not have air vents built in. Another loved feature for summertime riding and in warmer climates.

The action back with the stretch panel in the liner arms is a well loved feature. Especially for those who ride their bikes every day or on long trips, this helps make riding much more comfortable.

Nice heavy duty snaps and zippers, the hardware working well is always a big hit.

They love the armor pockets which gives them the choice of wearing armor or not without having to buy another jacket with armor.

Overall, this is our fifth most popular men's leather motorcycle jacket that we sell. With so many others telling us they love this jacket, then there's little doubt that you will love it too.

 If you have any questions about our leather jackets or our top five list of the best men's leather motorcycle jackets, complete our contact form below and we will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting Ghost Rider Leather.