Shipping Information


Please note, we make every effort to have your order shipped to you as soon as possible, however we use many different warehouses to ship out of and unfortunately we have no control over their volume or processing times.

See our very specific Return Policies for our POD Print On Demand T-shirts, Hoodies, etc. here.

PLEASE NOTE FOR SOME PRINT ON DEMAND PRODUCTS ONLY: A few of our products are shipped from overseas into America. They take 10-30 days to reach you. Some of these are some of the men's briefs, women's pajamas, swimsuits, etc. are only available to us from overseas but they are really cute and we wanted to offer them to our valued customers. Just make sure you know that before you order as it is listed on each product page that this applies to. Once we get your order it is immediately sent to the manufacturer to print it out for you, therefore there are no refunds, no size exchanges, no cancellations once you place the order. Always read the products description to make sure you know which products are shipping from overseas. The vast majority of our Print On Demand and all of our Leather and Helmets are shipped from within the USA.

We offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states of America. This is basic shipping, which may include USPS First Class Mail or Fedex Ground Home Service or other shipping solutions. Shipping methods for Free Shipping is at our sole discretion.

PROCESSING TIME: Processing time is the time it takes for the warehouse to package up your order and get it ready to ship safely to you. This processing time can be 1-3 business days AFTER you place your order. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

HOLIDAY PROCESSING TIME: During the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas, expect processing times to be delayed. Many customers wait until the last minute to purchase Christmas gifts and therefore there are a lot more orders to be processed, packaged, and shipped. Expect some delays in some cases of 3-7 days to process, though most supplier do not take that long, but some others do. Processing time is the time it takes for the warehouse to package up your order and get it ready to ship safely to you. This processing time can be 1-3 business days. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.


  • SKU numbers that have DL, DS, AL, HI, FM, FIM, WM, WB or DH at the beginning or near the end of the SKU number, in most cases they ship 1-2 business days after you place your order. The majority of times they ship out the next business day. We try to get your orders to you as fast as possible which is why there is no way to cancel an order once it has been placed as there will be hundreds of orders in each of these various warehouses and they cannot go through them to find yours if you decide to cancel.
  • SKU numbers with BF near the end of the sku number normally take 2-3 business days to process before they ship.
  • SKU numbers with UN or VL near the end of the sku number normally take 2 business days after you place your order.
  • Mondays are the busiest days as orders from Friday afternoon through Monday morning are waiting to be shipped. 

You may also choose to pay for Priority Mail shipping or other Express shipping methods. Shipping time does NOT include processing time. Many orders will be shipped the next business day after you place your order, but depending on which warehouse it is shipped out of will depend on how long processing time will take. For example, if you place an order on Monday, Warehouse B takes 2 days to process, so they ship out on Wednesday and if you paid for Priority Mail shipping that then takes 2-3 days (in most cases) to reach you, so you should then receive your package on Friday or Saturday. Of course we have no control over the post office, but for the most part they do a pretty good job.


  • If you pay for an express shipping method, we will ship it out using the same method but may be using a different shipper. For example, you may choose USPS Priority Mail. If one of our suppliers does not use the USPS as a shipper and only uses UPS for example, we would ship out using UPS 3 Day Air, but either way, it will be whatever type of shipping method you paid for. We have no control over our suppliers and the shippers they choose to use unfortunately. 
  • If you pay for an express shipping method, for example if you pay for 2nd Day Air and UPS or Fedex has a glitch and charged you a lower amount for that shipping method, then at our discretion, if it is not much more than you paid, we will make up the difference for you at no extra cost to you, but if it is a signicant amount more than you paid, we will ship it via whatever shipping method will be around the price you paid. IF you do not want any different shipping method as far as length of time it takes to get to you, then in the NOTES section when placing your order, put a note that lets us know you MUST have it by a certain date so we can contact you before shipping to let you know that the method you chose cannot be covered by the amount you paid. We have no control over UPS or USPS or Fedex and their software that gives shipping quotes in our stores. 


  • When you choose to have your package left at your home without being signed for we are not responsible if it is stolen, delivered to the wrong address, etc. PLEASE NOTE that for orders over a certain dollar amount we may choose, at our discretion, to have the packaged shipped SIGNATURE REQUIRED because the credit card companies require us to have PROOF OF SIGNATURE for any disputes. Unfortunately in this poor economy, we cannot ship out the same item to people multiple times because they are lost or stolen. You have agreed to this when you checked that you agree with our Purchase Agreement. You also are given the option of choosing our Shipping Insurance at a very inexpensive price which can help in these situations. If you don't get the insurance, we are not responsible for damaged or lost packages.


SUBSTITUTION: Sometimes we may choose to substitute the Shipping Method you chose depending on current circumstances and if we can use a different shipping to get it to you faster. We will not choose a shipping method or shipper that is going to be slower than what you paid for. Some shippers like UPS do not deliver on Saturdays unless you pay a very high fee, so if you choose UPS Next Day Air,  and you order on Thursday night, you for sure won't get it until Monday via UPS, but USPS does deliver on Saturdays, so we may substitute USPS Priority Express mail and you should get it on Saturday, thus getting it sooner. Also, sometimes when we go to create a shipping label and instead of the USPS showing 1 day or 2 days or 3 days to reach your destination, it may show nothing which means no guarantee. If that happens, it usually means the USPS is experiencing delays delivering to your area and in the age of COVID-19, the Post Office has been known to be late delivering packages. Trust me, it happens to me as well when I'm expecting a package.

NO REFUNDS: If you choose a shipping method that is not free there are no refunds of your shipping due to the processing time. If you pay for Priority Mail (for example) and we pay the warehouse to ship Priority Mail (which can cost much more than the First Class Mail) we cannot refund it as it is already paid for by us and once it's in processing, it's too late to change your shipping method.


  • At checkout, you are offered a very inexpensive shipping insurance option from Nano Insurance. This will protect you from the shippers losing or stealing or misdelivering your package. 
  • If you live in a place where porch pirates are a concern or have a mail person who just can't seem to get your packages to your home or delivers other people's packages to your house, get the insurance.
  • If you choose not to get the insurance, we at Ghost Rider Leather LLC are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misdelivered packages.
  • If you have the unfortunate situation where your package was not received and you did purchase the Nano Insurance, then they sent you the information about how to file a claim and then they will order you a new item(s) that were in your package if your claim is approved. We at Ghost Rider Leather LLC have zero control over the Nano Insurance claims and decisions and cannot file a claim for you. This shipping insurance agreement is between you and Nano Insurance only.
  • My advice is to buy the insurance, especially if the item you are purchasing is over $50.00. 


UPS and FEDEX do not always deliver on a Saturday. Fedex will in some cases, but UPS does not unless you want to pay a huge, probably double amount of shipping to get them to deliver on a Saturday. The US Postal Service does deliver on Saturdays however.


Please note that all international packages will be shipped via the US Postal Service. Depending on which shipping method you choose and which country you live in, it can take anywhere from 5 business days to 3-4 weeks to reach you after processing time.

Please note: Once your package leaves the United States, the US Postal Service is no longer able to track it. If your order feels like it is delayed, contact your local Customs Agency or Delivery service that handles packages coming from the US Postal Service in America. We are not responsible for lost packages once they leave the USA. There are no refunds because we have paid for your order and the international shipping and the US Postal Service has no control over your order/package once it leaves America.

CUSTOMS FEES: Your country may charge you a Customs Fee or Import Tax for bringing merchandise in from another country. We have no way to know if or how much they will charge you. You are responsible for all Customs Fees, Import Taxes, VAT or any other fees that your government in your country is going to charge you. When you pay for shipping, you are only paying for shipping, not taxes and customs fees.