Wall of Shame - Fraud

Our business WILL PROSECUTE to the fullest extent of the law anyone using a stolen or fraudulent credit card number to obtain merchandise from us. We will report and cooperate with your local police department in getting you arrested for theft and internet fraud.

We will also make you famous! How? We will list your address and any information we have about you here to warn other merchants about you. You do NOT want to make this list, so don't bother trying to rip us off.

Merchants, if you receive an order to be delivered to the address(s) below, beware, they are thieves that use stolen credit card numbers. 

Do you know any of these addresses or people below? If so, you may contact us with information. Thieves cost everyone money in higher prices. Let's do what we can to help each other out.



This thief was back at it again today. See below, he/she/it has changed their address (although I found out it is the same type of company that allows thieves like this to order products from the USA, have them shipped to this third party, then this third party ships to the thief in whatever foreign country they are located in. I have contacted these companies but they just do not bother to respond, but when I get the federal authorities involved shortly, they will discover they need to vet these people instead of allowing them to get by with STEALING from USA merchants and small businesses like mine.

On 3/8/2024 this crook again tried 17 times with 17 different STOLEN credit card numbers to purchase $65.98 worth of merchandise this time, after successfully stealing $91.98 from me on 2/21/2024. FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOUR, FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME! 

This time this crook used the same name but a different email and different shipping address, still in Miami, FL though.

8280 NW 66TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33166
United States of America

Email: randixom99@gmail.com

Phone: 786)600.72.96 (this is the illiterate way he/she/it put their phone number in).

This is the business that accepts stolen goods using stolen credit card numbers to be shipped to them and they in turn ship to the THIEF of the stolen credit card numbers and stolen merchandise.

https://usa.serviciosexpresos.com/contacto  When you go to this page you will see it is the same phone number this crook used without the one parenthesis and extra dots. This company was contacted by me but to date no response. Of course not every customer they have is a THIEF like this CORIOLANO CORONA (real or fake name), however, they DO allow this as they issue to response, no apologies, no vows to look into it, NOTHING so they are just as bad as this thief for allowing stolen goods purchased with stolen credit card numbers to go through them from Miami, FL to whatever country this POS resides in. This is what this company says about itself: Servicios Expresos was born to interconnect the world, expanding borders, bringing people together and enhancing business opportunities with your international shipping company.

What a fricking joke of a company this is. I guess stolen merchandise and stolen credit card number use is big business for them which is why they are too busy facilitating theft of online retail merchants such as myself to reply to my requests for help and information.


The thief below used a stolen credit card number. He/She or It has tried dozens of times with dozens of different credit cards, both Visas and Mastercards. Unfortunately for me, I did not realize he/she/it had done this to me and they got away with $91.98 worth of merchandise from me, but it will not happen again. I now know I have to be extra vigilant with my credit card processor because they used to always catch these POS criminals but this time, they approved him on the 14th try after 13 declines. This pile of sh!t excuse for a human being is nothing but a common thief. If he/she/it actually put the time in doing some actual work instead of putting in declined credit card after declined credit card they would be a decent person and could make an HONEST living, but no, this person whatever their real name is, is a total POS!!!! Stealing from a small business that cannot afford to have this done.

2/21/2024 date of online theft.

THIEF'S NAME: Coriolano Corona VE433

MIAMI, Florida 33166
United States

Phone: 786-382-0758

Email: apo9999nera@gmail.com

This thief below placed an order in my store on 2/13/2024 for the total amount of $62.98. Today, 3/5/2024 I was advised by my bank that I have a chargeback due to fraud. This means the credit card company takes the funds away from me. I am out the cost of the two items purchased along with shipping and handling I was charged by my supplier. I also incurred a $30.00 Chargeback fee. All because some crooked POS decided to steal someone's credit card number and use it. Here is the name and address it was shipped to.

isbelia ramos
8280 NW 66TH ST
MIAMI, Florida 33166
United States
Phone: 786)600.72.96
Email: maestrina9999@gmail.com

The following thief tried to scam us out of a Motorcycle Helmet on October 19, 2017. He, She, or IT tried two different credit cards, with the first one being declined.

wisnu dinar
6515 Cecilia Circle Suite 9520
Suite 10411
Minneapolis MN 55439
United States 
(566) 768-6888

IP Address: which is 1515 miles from the shipping address.


The following thief tried to scam us out of a leather jacket on October 16, 2017. Doing a Google search of this thief's address, I found many ebay sellers who had been ripped off by products being shipped to this address, then they go to PayPal and claim they never received the merchandise. This crook also tried to pay us using PayPal. NO THANKS!

According to research I and others have done about this shipping address, they use different names but it's a Russian operation, you want to talk about Russian Collusion? Here's some for you, REAL collusion and thievery (or attempted thievery this time).

Sajd-E'min EB2214748 Shadukaev
950 Ridge Rd
unit b-11
Claymont DE 19703
United States 
+1 603-233-6292

IP Address: which is 2488 miles away from the shipping address in Delaware.

This crook used a stolen credit card. They used this stolen credit card number to obtain a lot of stolen merchandise from various merchants.


Package was signed for by someone who claimed their name was BREHILI.

Today, December 10, 2014, a thief and scammer using 3 different stolen credit card numbers tried to purchase $874.82 worth of leather jackets from us. In this horrible economy, we do not take scammers and credit card fraud lightly! 
PHONE: 7074963823
EMAIL ADDRESS: globotechstar@gmail.com
This thief, "Charles K. DeWitt" has tried to steal nearly $900.00 worth of merchandise and has so far tried three times. He has used three different credit cards, but all were declined due to fraud. How many others has he succeeded in stealing from? Who has lost hard earned money because of a thief like this?

Thiefs name: Bryan Kusnaidi

Shipping address: 2250 NW 114TH Ave, Miami, FL 33172

Email address: bryankusnaidi@gmail.com

IP Address:

He tried to purchase a total of $1164.17 worth of merchandise from us.

He then sends us an email, here is what he wrote:

Whether you receive my email? sorry I forgot to leave a message, I will plan my ordered items sent to the house of my brother who lives in Indonesia. Can you send my order goods directly to Indonesia via USPS PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL? if you can, here is the shipping address:
Name: Lukas Hermawan
Address: Darmo satelit no.22
City: sidoarjo
Province: jawa timur
postal code: 60122
Country: Indonesia
if extra shipping cost no problem, please charge my credit card.
Bryan K.

I did some research and this is not "Bryan's" first time trying to rip people off, see this post here: http://www.evolutionm.net/forums/member-unresolved-disputes/691717-bryan-kusnaidi-fraudulent-buyer.html

Thinking about stealing from us? We will make you famous and have you prosecuted. Internet fraud goes both ways. If you use a stolen credit card number to buy from us, we will tell EVERYONE about it. We will let the police in your local area know, we will advise other online merchants, we will list this information on our many other websites as well.

Do NOT even think about it unless you want everyone to know what you are up to. Do you want people to know you are a common thief? Do you want people you work with to know about you? How about your family and friends? You want them to know what you are doing????