We are bikers too, therefore we are authorities about bikers and what they need to ride safely, comfortably and look good doing it! We know biker leathers and what it takes to ride safe! You can trust us with all your biker leather, helmets, boots, and motorcycle needs.

We know how to measure for leather chaps as we have helped many people try on chaps and fit them. We know the types of leather that are best for motorcycle riding and the types of jackets depending on how often you ride and if you are a weekend rider or a daily rider.

Most sellers of biker leather online have never been on a motorcycle and have no clue what to tell people who have questions. We have ridden motorcycles for decades and have worn leathers for decades, so we know our stuff. Just ask us.

My husband served in the military for 26 years and we know the sacrifices of our military personnel first hand and money is usually tight, especially for the enlisted men and women. Therefore, we at Ghost Rider Leather offer our military ONLY a military discount coupon.

Your credit card statement will show GHOST RIDER LEATHER as the merchant name. Thank you, your business is appreciated.

We are not just internet sellers like most online leather shops. We had a brick and mortar real life store located in Panama City Florida for several years, but due to a poor local economy in the Obama years, we had to close but we still have our online stores and have hopes in this improving economy to open back up our brick and mortar store! 

Visit GhostRiderLeather.com for all your motorcycle riding needs.



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