Motorcycle Riding Tips. Are you a new motorcycle rider or thinking about getting your first bike?

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has provided a helpful list of links to help you out. is not affiliated in any way with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, but we do support them and the awesome work they do there.

We hope our website visitors will gain knowledge and take their safety courses before you get out on the open road.

Information below is from the Motorcycle Safety Foundations website here.

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Safety Tips
  "You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet
  "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet
  "T-CLOCS" Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist
  "You and Your Scooter: Riding Tips" booklet
  "You and Your 3-Wheel Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet

Feel free to copy the following Quick Tips sheets for your own projects:
  "Should You Ride A Motorcycle?" Quick Tips
  "If You Ride A Motorcycle" Quick Tips
  "T-CLOCS" Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist
  "Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles" Quick Tips
  "Riding With A Passenger" Quick Tips
  "Group Riding" Quick Tips
  "Alcohol Awareness" Quick Tips
  "Preventing Motorcycle Theft" Quick Tips

Cycle Safety Information (CSI) Documents 
  Personal Protective Gear
  How Helmets Work
  2010 Equipment Requirements

  2009 Rider Education
  2008 Licensing Information
  2001 Crash Statistics

Curriculum Materials
  Basic RiderCourse Handbook (Non-printable)
  Basic RiderCourse Handbook - First Two Chapters (Printable)
  Basic RiderCourse Handbook - Spanish (Non-printable)
  Scooter Basic RiderCourse Handbook (Non-Printable)
  3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse Handbook (Non-printable)
  ERC Rider Classroom Cards

Images, PSAs, Banners and More  
  MSF Banner Links for Your Website
  "We're Out There" video PSA 
  RADD / MSF video PSA's
  Alcohol Awareness Print PSAs
  SEEing is Believing (optical illusions)

NAMS - National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
  National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety Grant Program
  National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety Grant Application
  National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety - Original Document (size = 4 MB)

MSF Presents Report on Riding Straight Initiatives to NHTSA, Rider Groups
 Riding Straight Initiatives

Special Report - August 2008
  Click here to view PDF

IMSC Papers 
  Click here to view and download IMSC Papers


Sept. 25, 2004 - MSF participates in panel discussion at MRF Meeting of the Minds
 Click here to download Key Message Points

Sept. 13, 2004 - 5th International Motorcycle Conference in Munich, Germany 
  Click here to download the press release. 
  A Proposal for Defining, Measuring, and Documenting the Effects of "Safety Renewal"
   Certification Processes for Motorcycle Safety Training Professionals.

MSF President Tim Buche Participates in Panel Discussion on August 20, 2004; Offers MSF Perspective on Training Capacity Issues
  View presentation
*Please note due to the large file size, this presentation may take some time to load. 

Developing a Rider Education and Training System (RETS),
FIM 4th International Public Policy Conference (IPPC), Prague
  View Presentation, April 17, 2004
  Download Paper "Developing a Rider Education and Training System (RETS)"