What Kind Of Ladies Ride Motorcycles?

Have you ever heard this question before? We have, many times. People ask, "what kind of ladies ride motorcycles?" Our answer? REAL WOMEN ride motorcycles.

As a female biker myself, I know there are a multitude of reasons that women ride motorcycles. Basically, the very same reasons that men ride motorcycles, the freedom, the wind in your face, the comradery of other bikers, fun, the need for speed, the need for adventure.

Top Reasons To Date A Female Motorcycle Rider

Why More Women Are Riding On The Front Seat of a Motorcycle:

  • Because women don't want to have to wait on someone else to give them a ride.
  • Because women love getting outside of their comfort zone and doing things they used to think were scary.
  • Empowering other women to ride also.
  • Because riding your own motorcycle IS empowering and did we mention FUN?
  • Motorcycling has primarily been a male dominated industry because women were thought to only want to ride on the back and hey, there's nothing wrong with that, I myself like doing it both ways. Variety is the spice, right?

Top 5 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Rides A Motorcycle:

  • We get you! Yes, we do! We know the feeling of the wind in our faces, just like you do. We know that freedom, the wild ride, and we won't be angry at you for wanting to ride, because we have that same feeling.
  • We are into leather baby! Just like you are. We think you look hot in leathers and we know you feel the same way about us.
  • We'll stand beside you! In ways you are not accustomed to. Not used to a woman who understands the need to ride and to spend money on that ride? That's what you get with us, we are with you.
  • Your friends will be green with envy! You know it's true. While their non-riding wives and girlfriends are busy nagging them about their riding and spending habits, we are with you, there won't be nagging, at least not about the ride.
  • We are strong! Not just physically but mentally as well. Don't you want a partner who does not depend on you for every single little thing? We will depend on your love, but we can ride our own motorcycle, make our own path TOGETHER!


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