Real Carbon Fiber Jockey Polo Style Novelty Motorcycle Helmet - SKU 2003G-DH

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Now: $185.99

Product Description

Jockey / Polo style REAL Carbon Fiber motorcycle novelty helmet from Daytona Helmets. Lightest and smallest helmets.


  • WARNING! NOVELTY ONLY, this is NOT DOT approved!
  • Made of REAL Carbon Fiber, NO graphics! Get the real thing here!
  • Forward positioned nylon Y-strap retention with sliding adjuster for fine adjustments.
  • Does not interfere with your ears, seams sewn to the outside, no facial chaffing.
  • Quick release lock, with one finger release lever for easy detachment.
  • Custom formed interior for X-treme comfort.
  • Moisture wicking fabric keeps your head cooler and more comfortable.
  • Nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets.
  • Lock on edging for that finished look.
  • This is NOT your cheaply made novelty helmet, this is a really nice quality helmet!
  • Custom designed and may vary in color and composition.
  • Clear lacquer finish, high gloss, much glossier than image shows.
  • Also includes: free head wrap and cloth draw string bag.
  • Click on size chart below and measure carefully to avoid size exchanges and for best fit.
  • Free shipping.


Size Chart for Daytona Eagle With Barbed Roses - Novelty Motorcycle Helmet - SKU 6002BRO-DH

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