UNIK TALL Men's Premium Leather Motorcycle Jacket - SKU GRL-13-ZO-UN

Was: $283.00
Now: $199.99

Product Description

Mens TALL buffalo leather motorcycle jacket. Tall sizes are approximately 2 inches longer than standard length jackets.

  • Made of premium buffalo.
  • 1/2 belt detail.
  • TALL length.
  • 4 exterior pockets.
  • 2 inside concealed carry pockets. 
  • Silver hardware. 
  • Full sleeve zip out liner.
  • SIZING INFO: The jacket size is the measurement of the chest of the jacket itself. For example, a size 46 jacket means the jacket itself measures 46 inches in the chest. Normally you want a jacket that is about 2-3 inches larger than your chest measurement. For example, if your chest measures 44 inches, adding 2-3 inches would be 46-47 inches. Choose either a size 46 or 48 jacket depending on how you like your jacket to fit. Most jackets waist is 2 inches smaller than the chest. If you have a stomach measurement that is larger than your chest measurement order according to your waist measurement instead or your jacket will not zip up.

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