12 Rebel Flag Cotton Skull Caps - Pack of 12 - Dozen - Durags - AC234-DL

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12 Rebel Flag Cotton Skull Caps - Pack of 12 - Dozen - Durags - AC234-DL.


  • Made of cotton.
  • Rebel flag - Confederate flag design.
  • You get 12 skull caps in this package at one low price!
  • These cannot be broken up into smaller quantities.
  • One size fits most.
  • Free shipping.

Why Are People Trying To Ban The Rebel Flag?

Short answer, they are ignorant and believe whatever leftists in this country have told them to believe.

Longer answer, they want to control YOU and ME. They want to control how and what you spend YOUR hard earned money on. They are socialists and communists as well. This is why they want to control us. If they can force us to get rid of anything they decide is bad then they win! I, as a small business owner have had Shopify come after me threatening me and harrassing me that if I did not remove my products they would shut my store down. Even though the Rebel flag products are only a few out of the over 1800 products I carry on this site, I took my three stores and moved them away from Shopify. In recent times I've had a payment processor tell me they declined someone's credit card AFTER I already shipped their merchandise to them. But thankfully, most people who like the rebel flag are good and decent people and would never rip off a small business owner like myself. But all these companies have become what I call Social Justice Pansies. They are NOT warriors and I will not put that title on these wimps who cower and whine and look around every corner to find something to be offended by. Meanwhile, Shopify DOES allow many stores selling the Nazi flag to remain and to continue to sell that flag and other merchandise. With these "woke" companies, they have decided that the Nazi flag and even satanic merchandise is A-OK with them but my goodness, the Rebel Flag is just so evil, it must be censored, banned, eradicated etc.

I don't know about YOU (whoever is reading this), but I don't like being told what I can or cannot sell or buy with my own money. See, even if you do not like the rebel flag, you don't have the right to stop others from buying them. Just like I don't have the right to stop people from buying or selling the Nazi flag whether it offends ME or not. This goes both ways you know. Today, my rebel flag products have fallen out of favor with the socialist "woke" crowd. Tomorrow it may be something that YOU sell or buy with YOUR money, it won't be so funny.