Slay the Streets in Style: Top 10 Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2023

Slay the Streets in Style: Top 10 Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2023

Posted by Wynter Nash - Ghost Rider Leather on Mar 11th 2023

The Best Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets of 2023

As a female motorcycle enthusiast myself, I have found that over the last 30 years that women's motorcycle jackets have come a long way. In the past, there were really not any leather motorcycle jackets that were made specifically for a woman's figure. Women were usually forced to settle for a man's biker jacket which is ill fitting and certainly not comfortable nor figure flattering at all. Women wearing a man's jacket found that the shoulders were too large and/or the bottom hem or hip area was too narrow or tight. Women felt like they were wearing a frumpy and uncomfortable jacket but there were no really good choices for them.

Now, that we are in the year 2023, there are some  very nice quality and good looking women's leather motorcycle jackets to be had like our Monte Carlo jacket. The Monte Carlo jacket is made of 1.1-1.2mm drum dyed naked cowhide leather which will protect your skin far better than most women's leather jackets out there. Some manufacturers have finally gotten the message that there are many women who ride motorcycles now, much more so than in the old days.

Some manufacturer's still think that women only want cutesy designs and pink on their jackets. Well, some women do like those things but that should not be the main focus of the manufacturers of leather jackets. The main focus just like with men's jackets should be that they are made with a high quality leather and made just as safety oriented as men's jackets. Women want to look good in their jackets of course, but they also want to be as safe as possible should they end up sliding down a rough pavement just like a man does.

Here at Ghost Rider Leather, we have always strived to offer the  best quality leather motorcycle jackets for women as well as men. Over the years, I always found it difficult to buy a jacket that both fit me well and was also a tough cowhide or buffalo leather. So, as a female, I know how difficult it has been and I wanted to be able to offer women a variety of choices for them as well.

Let's talk about the difference between a "fashion" leather motorcycle jacket and a motorcycle jacket that is meant to protect you while riding a motorcycle. A  classic style motorcycle jacket available in various colors like our Chloe jacket has always been a fashion staple and a fashion statement. Many women (as well as men) wear a biker jacket when they have never even been near a bike in their lives. Nothing wrong with that, who doesn't want to look cool wearing an awesome biker jacket? Many of the fashion motorcycle jackets are made of lambskin leather. Lambskin leather has a very soft, refined touch to it and while there's nothing "wrong" with a lambskin leather jacket, we sell those too, lambskin leather jackets are not the toughest leather, not made for having an accident and skidding down the road. Those jackets will not protect you like a tough cowhide or buffalo leather jacket will. So, for women who ride their own motorcycles or ride on the back with their partners, they need a jacket that will help protect their skin from a horrible case of road rash should it be needed. One of our great choices for you is our Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket made of naked cowhide leather called the Speed Queen. Our Speed Queen women's leather biker jacket is a racer style jacket with a clean look, banded collar, multiple pockets and is made of naked cowhide leather. The cowhide leather is a great choice and it being "naked leather" means it's not a stiff uncomfortable jacket, it feels like it's already been broken in and has a nice touch and is comfortable to wear as well. It's also nice looking and made for the female form.

Throughout this blog post, I have linked to some jackets we offer to show the best choices for you depending on if you DO ride motorcycles or if you just like the look and do not ride.