Set of Four Lady Liberty Silver Dime Vest Extenders with Chrome Chain - SKU GRL-AC1073-DL

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Product Description

Set of FOUR Lady Liberty On A Dime vest extenders for the ladies vest. Super cool design!


  • Made of leather and chromed steel.
  • Lady Liberty Silver Dime design.
  • Chrome chain.
  • Made for a ladies vest due to the snaps on opposite side of mens vests.
  • Set of four extenders for one low price.
  • Free shipping.
  • SKU GRL-AC1073-DL.

What are vest extenders used for? 

  1. If you have gained a little weight and you cannot snap your vest closed, the use of these vest extenders allows you to keep your same vest but make it larger.
  2. Wearing vest extenders allows the wind / breeze to get inside your vest without your vest blowing wide open. Keeps you cooler on those long hot summertime rides.
  3. Because they look so darn cool! Great looking and many design choices to choose from in our Vest Extenders department.

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