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Face Masks - Freedom or Tyranny?

Face Masks - Freedom or Tyranny?

Face Masks - Freedom or Tyranny?

At Ghost Rider Leather, we have always been about freedom. For example, even though we sell motorcycle helmets, we have always agreed that grown adult people should have the freedom to wear or not wear a helmet if they so choose. As long as you are aware of the consequences of not wearing one and you are an adult, you make your own decisions or at least you SHOULD be able to make your own decisions.

We have been selling biker face masks since we opened our first online store back in April of 2003. Biker face masks are not the same as the face masks that 2020 has brought us, the face masks that are supposed to help us all not give or catch the COVID-19 virus. 

For me personally, I do not know 100% whether the masks make a huge difference in giving or getting the coronavirus. I certainly do not want to get it nor do I want to give it to anyone else, especially my husband who has a comorbidity nor my elderly mother and stepfather. 

But let's talk a little about my biker face masks if you don't mind. Most of our masks are made of 100% neoprene. From this article at Web MD, it says "Neoprene masks can help stop the droplets that may carry the virus". Again, I am not a physician and cannot tell you whether our neoprene face masks will 100% positively protect you or others from COVID-19, but due to the material being thicker and denser than the normal cloth masks people wear, I would say it can't hurt.

Most of our neoprene face masks are reversible to black, so if you get tired of the printed design on one side, you can turn it to the black side, like having two face masks in one. Neoprene masks are also durable. Those paper ones fall apart and my experience with them is the ear elastics break very easily, rendering them useless.

So, tell us what do you think about being forced to wear a mask? Do you think your local city and state government has the right to tell you that you MUST comply and wear a mask or do you feel your rights as an American citizen are being eroded and taken away? Is it freedom or tyranny when you are forced to wear a mask?

Many stores like Walmart for example, will not allow you to shop in their stores unless you wear a face mask. I went to my local Walmart last week and they even have a taped off area that you have to stand in line in to even walk in the door. This is so the Walmart employee at the door can make sure you have a mask on before you can enter the store. So, Walmart takes away our "freedom" to choose, but we do have the choice as to whether we want to shop at stores that force their will upon us. Or perhaps it does not bother you? Maybe you feel it's the right thing to do and you would wear your mask even if they did not force it on you.

Sep 4th 2020 Ghost Rider Leather - Wynter Nash

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